3 Phase in / 3 Phase out - PYRAMID DSP SERIES

10kVA - 400kVA




On-Line “Double Conversion” Technology, DSP Controlled

IGBT Rectifier UPS

3 phase in / 3phase out 10 to 400kVA (PDSP version)


  • IGBT Rectifier
  • Real Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled transformerless design 
  • Input Power Factor Correction PFC(>0,99) 
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion Level (THDi ≤ 4%) 
  • High Efficiency (up to 94%)
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 
  • Generator Compatible Operation 
  • Evolution and redundancy guaranteed by on site Modular Parallel Systems 
  • Intelligent battery management system extends the lifetime of batteries 
  • Static and Manual Bypass
  • Optional Galvanic isolation transformer
  • Communication with computers and network systems with SNMP availability
  • Expandable battery blocks
  • Low installation and operating costs
  • Different voltage applications with refer to country mains characteristic
  • PDSP version for 380/400/415V(Ph_Ph) applications
  • PDSP-U version for 200/208/220V(Ph_Ph) applications
  • Special voltage applications other than stated values
  • EPO (Emergency Power Off) * 3 phase in 1 phase out version is available (10 to 40 kVA) (380-400-415V version) * 50/60 Hz Frequency Converter version is available



  • Splitt by-pass
  • Parallel Kit
  • Drawer Type Internal Battery Shelves 10 - 30kVA
  • Special Battery Connection Cable for Drawer Type Shelves
Battery Cabinets
UPS looking battery Cabinets (different battery configuration available)
  • V14, V15, V24, V33, V34 
Eco Cabinets (different battery configurations available)
  • BC00, BC10, BC20, BC30, BC40, BC50, BC60