Batterie Separator

Electronic Separator/Switch for Battery Systems





  • Under Voltage Switch

  • Starter Relay

  • Electronic Fuse

  • Any Current Direction

  • Auto/Manual On/Off

  • Adjustable Trigger Voltage

  • Over-temperature Protection

  • 500A Current Protection


Electronic switching

  • No burned relays

Over current protected, > 500A (Peak max 2000A)

  • Used as circuit Protection < 500A – Electronic Fuse
  • Protects your Cables/Battery/Load/Generator/Charger

Current flow in both directions

  • No need for two devices
  • In a two Battery system (BATT1: Generator – BATT2: Charger)
  • Low Voltage Drop
  • < 0,001V/ A (0,1V/100A)
  • Full Charge Voltage to batteries,…. No loss.

Protections & Technical features

  • Overtemp. Protections
  • Transient Protection (New improved vers.)
  • LED Indicators – Turned ON (Green) and Failure (Red)






 2) Adjustable ON/OFF

12 / 24 V Changeable by DIP-Switch

Voltage setting easily changed by DIP-Switches

Turn ON/OFF Window: 0,5/1,0 V (12V/24V)

Used as Battery Discharge Controller (undervoltage)

Only 0,005A when in standby.- Nearly no discharge of Battery.


3) Manual Control:

Override ON/OFF by the external control: ON

ON= 5V Terminal, +12V or +24V : Unit will be ON

ON= Ground or Batt. Negative: Unit will be OFF

Relay Applications:

  • Starter Relay
  • Anchor (Marine)
  • Bow Thruster.
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Inverters
  • Back Lift on Truck
  • Trailer connection
  • Battery Control in DC-No-Brake Systems