Industrial Serial Ethernet RS232 RS485 Converter, 3 Digital In, 3 Relay Out
(optional GPRS)


3 Digital In, 3 Relay Out, SMS, Commands, expandable with optional RS485 Modules


The CY133SC-RS232 Konv is a device server with 3 digital inputs and 3 digital outputs and provides an industrial single port Ethernet RS232 or RS485 serial device server that can make your industrial serial devices to be IP / Ethernet network enabled. The digital inputs (3) and digital outputs (3) can be used to read or write relays, alarms, and lights. Supplied with Virtual Serial Port software to seemlesly add Serial ports to your LAN.

The CY133SC-RS232 Konv is a 1-port Serial to Ethernet converter with digital inputs and relay outputs that can network-enable your serial devices, such as weigh scales, PLCs, Data acquisition systems, point of sale, bar code scanners, access control systems, gas meters, printers - anything! Configured through software or built-in web-server.


CY133SC-RS232 Konv


Ethernet Speed:10/100 BaseT

Ethernet Connector:RJ-45

Digital I/O Controller:3 Digital input (short) and

3 Digital output (Relay for 30VDC, 1A)

Flash ROM:256K byte

SDRAM:2M bytes

Option: GPRS


Erweiterungsmodul über RS485:

CYBF51-IO Extend

Remote DIO relay box - 3 Digital Input and 3 Digital output.  9 Max per CY133SC-RS232 Konv

Ansteuerbar wahlweise über:

  • Integriertem Web-Server im Modul
  • Software für zentrales Management der Module in Verbindung mit gezielten Anwendungen (Bsp. Aufzugsüberwachung, Zeiterfassung, …)
  • CGI Kommandos, Beispiele :

Energize Relay No.1 all the time:

Energize Relay No.2 and latch 10 seconds:

Get all Digital I/O status ,3G signal strength and OP information command:

Connect it to your network via a standard RJ45 connector, set-up its' IP address and TCP port number and you are away. With the supplied Virtual Com port software you can simply communicate with your serial device as if it were connected to the back of your PC. Programmers can communicate directly with the CY133SC-RS232 Konv using standard TCP/IP protocols simply pointing to its IP address and TCP Port.


A pair of CY133SC-RS232 Konv's can be set up in Client-Server mode where they will send serial data between each other without any PC intervention.

Digital IO

The CY133SC-RS232 Konv has 3 digital contact-closure inputs and 3 change-over relays. The 3 digital input can be set to automatically send a TCP data packet on input state change or they can be interrogated to return input status. The Relay outputs can be set or reset by sending a TCP data packet. TCP packets need to consit of a ASCII control word as details in Appendix 1 of the user manual. Relays can also be activated by a AND or OR combination of the 3 digital inputs.

A pair of CY133SC-RS232 Konv DC can be set up  in Client-Server mode where digital input state of one CY133SC-RS232 Konv can be transmitted to the relay outputs of the other CY133SC-RS232 Konv and vice-versa without any PC intervention.

 Virtual Serial Port Utility

VCOM is a COM port redirection software application for Windows PC platforms. Its function is to re-direct customer application data destined for a local serial (COM) port on a PC. Rather than going out the local port, the data is transmitted across the Ethernet network using TCP/IP. The CY133SC-RS232 Konv attached to the network receives the data and presents it on its serial port. Conversely, data into the serial port of the CY133SC-RS232 Konv is sent back to the customer application via the network to the VCOM  software. The VCOM software then presents the data to the customer application as if it were from a local serial COM port.

 One of the main objectives of the VCOM software is to eliminate the need for a customer to modify their application. If the application knows how to connect to a local serial port, it can by default talk to a remote serial port on a device server using the VCOM software. No understanding of how to develop networking software is required.



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